Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On 4th November the South West Nationalists became the Federation of South West Nationalists, and moved to this site

Today it was decided to make that move permanent, so we would like to ask all our loyal readers to move over to our new site.  We would also like to thank you all for your continued support.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Enriched Britain, Where Children Need Guards to Sell a Poppy

Whilst on holiday I saw an interesting story in the Daily Mail regarding young poppy sellers having to be accompanied by adult chaperones in order to avoid being attacked.

Alarm bell one starts ringing when we see that this is in Bradford, or Bradfordistan as it has now become.

The army is "going into at least one local school to talk to youngsters about the need to honour the fallen and overcome cultural barriers."

We're told it's a multicultural school. Hmm.

We get to the story of one 13 year old poppy seller being spat on by "Three Asian boys".

Asian? One would bet a tenner against a quid that it sure wasn't Sikhs or Hindus. Just like those 'Asian' grooming gangs we mustn't use the M word when talking about them though.

"It is a sad reflection that this small minority did abuse some of the younger collectors last year" said Dale Smith, Lord Mayor of Bradford.

A minority indeed, but an ever growing one that is now anything but a minority in some areas.

Sadly, get used to it. It will happen more and more.

The poppy will not be welcome in town after town. Our towns and cities, a street at a time, no longer belong to us.

Our laws and customs are pushed aside. We no longer belong, children need security teams to even honour our nations fallen heroes.

Worse of all, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Avon and Somerset - Kicking (Non-existent) Racism out of Football!

A recent freedom of information request with Avon and Somerset Police has revealed that the South West is truly a hotbed of disgusting racism at football grounds.

It's truly shocking.

From 2008 until the present day the force has dealt with.........brace yourselves, this is a horrifying statistic.......a grand total of 5 incidents.

5! - two in 2008, two in 2011, one in 2012. Four resulted in a conviction.

What a hotbed of hate the average football ground in Avon and Somerset must be.

Of course all the racism is everywhere addicts will claim it's because people are scared to report it, or because not enough is being done to tackle the problem.

We'd probably best save money by sacking a few officers so that it can be spent on a campaign encouraging minorities to yell racism if they so much as slip on a banana peel or if some evil white who is cheering happens to move his arms in such a way that he looks a little like he's doing a monkey impression.

After all, 5 incidents can't be right - racism is everywhere, football is a code word for racial hatred.

Don't you dare take a banana along to a game in your lunchbox, they'll probably be trying to get those statistics up to prove it by any means necessary now.

Friday, 26 October 2012

While You Were Gone

The groveling masses that are the writing team here on South West Nationalists would like to say welcome back to our great and imperious leader, fresh from his holidays in the sun drenched Devon countryside, well OK he got the drenched bit!

We though that he was away at a seminar on Nationalist ideology and its impact on cider sales, but in truth he has been busy and us lot at SWN have missed him.

Maybe because we had problems aiming.  However, agent Swan managed to get him (hehe).

On a more serious note here are some of the stories he may have missed while he was off and about visiting the cider mills of the deep South.

Pakistani coloniser Sadiq Khan lectured us on Britishness here

We don't think he mentioned Charlene Downes or apologised to the British people he so despises for the gang rape and murder of large numbers of their children.

A Ugandan family walked straight into Britain, as they all do, and fleeced the British taxpayer of £4 million in benifits here 

The Ugandan family join the Mau Mau Terrorists veterans association in fleecing the British taxpayer here

Thanks poor pensioner

Finally, the Savile saga rumbles on with the Paedophile Information Exchange and their links to the political establishment continuing to be glossed over by the British media (much like the gassing of Bani Walid).  As does the alleged involvement of Edward Heath?

Did Jim fix it for Edward?

There is more, but the list is too long, as we lurch into the abyss.

So we will just add a sardonic cheerful smile and a gleeful shout of welcome back. (:-))

Africa on the way to the DSS? (Shh, this is not a filler post - honest)

Todays random picture turned up in The Sun. Click to enlarge.

Are they all on their way to Britain?

Are they already here and the DSS office is that way?

Is that the 9:22 heavily enriched bus service from Tower Hamlets to Hackney?

Could it be that it's a removals van and they're all on their way to a £15,000 a month mansion courtesy of housing benefit?

And....apologies for the cheap, filler type post. Just back from holiday, 3/4 dead, falling asleep over the keyboard.

No Adolf Crabs this time, but plenty of swans - one of whom bit me - and plenty of cider. Oh, and a compromising incident involving Winnie the Pooh that is best not mentioned! Oh, and caught crabs (no, not that sort for any of our readers with their minds in the gutter).

It was great to have a fortnight in a relatively unenriched area of Devon, recharge the batteries, and generally forget all woes and worries for a bit.

No suntan, but heh, at least it didn't rain too often and the weather was pleasant for the most part.

Ate too much, drank too much, British tradition that is - as is coming back needing a holiday to recover from the holiday.

A good sleep tonight then back in business with the articles.

SWN passes out in a heap.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


In this country we sometimes find that we need to decide on our priorities, and this is never so true today in a country of ever declining public services and resources.

Today we have a story about a young soldier who was refused a home despite serving his country here

As usual the ordinary British citizen is placed behind those who have done less to deserve the bounty of the nation state.  In this case it was a drug addict. Rifleman Leach is one of thousands of servicemen who face redundancy over the next few months.  He now faces the harsh reality of life in Liberal Fascist Britain.

Ordinary British Citizens are placed at the back for everything from council houses, education and health care, not just in Tewkesbury but everywhere.

The problem is that the information on the subject is kept hidden, locked away in council offices and  government buildings.  Accessible only by Freedom of Information Requests!

Shelter has a very good page on the subject here

Are immigrants eligible?  Subject to immigration status YES
Are Citizens who have been abroad eligible? YES after a delay!

There is more good news, if he moves just down the road a bit, the city of Bristol may offer him sanctuary here

A list of their supporters can be found here

In Bristol as in Tewkesbury you can arrive from anywhere and get access to all the normal services.  Redundant soldiers need not apply

Friday, 19 October 2012

Same Old

We all know that only 25% of the people vote for the criminals in the House of Commons, but you would think that the Honourable Members would take the hint.

The Daily Mail reports on it here

These greedy MP's have found yet another legal loophole to fill their greedy pockets.  Renting out houses to each other at a massive profit.  The list includes many members who have been found out before.

here are some of the names:

Liam Fox
Andy Burnham
Jim Murphy
Chris Bryant
Don Foster
David Amiss
Peter Luff
Nick Harvey

They have used a legal loophole to claim £20,000 in expenses and let out their own pads and claim that money back.

Yet again the elected scum of parliament line their own pockets, as the rest of us suffer for their mismanagement.

Linda Riordan a champagne Socialist MP is one of four MP's who let out their properties to other greedy members, as reported here

Such is their contempt for the electorate, and the plebs they lord over that they are willing to gorge their greed in the open.