Thursday, 21 July 2011

Taxi Driver in "All Jewish children must die" Rant

Here's one that, rather unsurprisingly, hasn't made the controlled media - after all, it's only race/religious hate and thus newsworthy if it's you know who committing the crime, anything else has to be hushed up.

Taxi driver Taha Osman has been handed a community order after being found guilty of causing religiously aggravated harassment after launching into a disgusting rant outside of King David School in Crumpsall.

Iraqi Kurd Osman, who has settled in Britain - lucky us - launched into his foul mouthed tirade of hate after becoming stuck in traffic outside of the school.

He lost his temper at the driver in front of him, a Mrs Sigal Bar-Ilan, and a Mrs Franks who collecting her children from the school and intervened when seeing Osman shouting at Mrs Bar-Ilan.

During Osmans rant he shrieked that "all Jewish children must die" and, somewhat ironically considering his own origins, called all Jews "animals who should not be allowed in this country".

The rant was witnessed by numerous children, leaving many upset and distressed.

"Your behaviour and language was precisely the language and behaviour the legislation is designed to prevent. This was a most serious offence of its type" said Judge Stockwell in sentencing at Manchester Crown Court.

Osman, a taxi driver, now faces having his private hire license revoked.

An interesting reflection on antisemitic incidents is provided courtesy of the Community Security Trust (CST) who inform us that in 2010 only 47% of perpetrators for whom a description was given were "White". Asians/Arabs, who make up by far a smaller proportion of the population of the UK, made up 39% of perpetrators between them.

Not a statistic you'll hear on the BBC very often no doubt, and yet rather suggestive of just who is committing the hate crime against the UK's Jewish population.

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