Friday, 29 July 2011

We're all in this together?

Dave Cameron and his Conservatives may have achieved some headlines with that, now infamous, "We're all in this together" slogan, but with news that the Camerons are setting off on holiday to a £9,500 a week villa in Italy it sure seems that some of us are in it more than others.

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Nice to see you sharing in the pain with the rest of us Dave, we can see you've entered a real time of austerity.

Doubtless all of those people left without jobs as a result of ConDem imposed cutbacks, the sick people on benefits facing nightmarish re-assessments, those facing NHS rationing, and the victims of every other mess you've had a hand in wish you a great holiday.

Yeah, of course we're all in this together Dave - just what a few people like yourself are in seems a lot sweeter than what the rest of us in Britain are in up to our necks.

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