Saturday, 28 January 2012

Children as Young as 9 Being 'Married' in Islington

More enrichment today courtesy of the Islington Tribune, which tells us the shocking story of girls as young as 9 being forced in to marriage.

No, it's not on the back streets of Bangladesh, or in the slums of Somalia, it's on the streets of Islington.

It appears that at least two cases involving 9 year old girls, and three involving 11 year old girls, being forced into marriage with older men are known of in the Islington area alone. Which, of course, will be the tip of the iceberg and a pattern likely repeated in many other areas across the UK.

Thanks to mass enrichment this barbaric practice of child marriage - although, let's call a spade a spade, it's really religiously or culturally sanctioned child abuse - now has a home in Britain.

It is now a burden to the British people, forced to pay for armies of social workers, special groups, police costs, interpreters, and all the rest that goes hand in hand with the problem.

The liberal lovers of multicult may wring their hands and say we must do something, but there's a simple truth to be learned - when people are allowed to flood into the UK they do not abandon such abhorrent traditions, they simply bring those customs with them.

Those customs become the UK's problem.

Some imams may denounce it as a vile practice, but that doesn't conceal the fact that it is a practice which did not exist here until the advent of mass enrichment and the rise of Islam. We imported it and gave it a new home.

And, at least let's call this marriage to children exactly what it is - paedophilia.

Forget cultural sensitivities and all that rot, it's child abuse. Any family allowing it, any imam blessing it, and of course the person marrying the child, should be charged with complicity in child abuse, punished harshly, and booted out of this country never to return.

Or would that offend our enrichers with their 'diverse cultural practices' which are now a part of this nations nightmare?

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