Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Committees, Cuppas, and Colonisation

It's amazing how quickly MP's can move when the word racism is mentioned.

After a flood of stories about racism on the football terraces, seems were to get a parliamentary committee to examine racism in sport.

Not only that, they've managed to set a provisional date of March 6 for the session.

That's damn quick in the world of Westminster.

Just whisper the word racism, of course at a time when we must all learn lessons from the Stephen Lawrence case, and snouts can be torn away from the trough pronto.

A few overpaid sportsmen allegedly get racist insults hurled at them and there's no stopping those MP's from babbling away at their select committees, something must be done.

White victims of racism and racist violence though? Shh, that's not on the agenda, it doesn't really exist you know, carefully recorded figures prove this.

Grooming gangs - and you all know which ones - abusing countless children? Just a minority, it would be racist to mention it really, best we sweep it under the carpet and pillory anyone who dares think otherwise. We know any committees findings in advance there, and just how they'd be presented.

An imported third world crimewave blighting our cities? No, that's just lack of education coupled with disillusionment and poverty, any enquiry will steer well clear of the truth.

How about rising trends in tuberculosis and HIV, and just where large proportions of new cases are originating? Didn't think so. No 'show imported illness the red card' committee then.

Perhaps a select committee could investigate whether immigration and birth rates will make the indigenous people of Britain a minority, and indeed eventually cease to be, and provide recommendations? No, there are no indigenous, that's been decreed, and anyone can be British if armed with the correct piece of paper to say so after all.

That's the politicians for you. The latest buzz word - racism, global warming, Islamophobia etc - and they're all over it like rats out of an aqueduct.

The things that really matter? They're not on the agenda, the truth is never to be told, and it would be bad for community cohesion to even think otherwise.

They're very selective about what is ever discussed in any public arena like select committees, better the truth stays hidden. If a tricky issue must be discussed then the outcome is known ahead of time, they're all reading from the same script.

What is perhaps most saddening is that, as we walk deeper into the nightmare of colonisation - of which we're still only seeing the early symptoms! - and eventual oblivion we'll do so with MP's discussing how they can tackle -isms and -obias of all sorts, not to mention inventing new -isms and -obias as needed in order to stifle debate.

Maybe we should just say thank you very much, would you like a cup of tea - halal - and hand over the title deeds to our nation now. It's the only non racist thing to do.

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