Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Give Me Skype Says Terrorist Serving 30 Years

Rajib Karim, jailed for 30 years for his part in a plot to blow up BA flights, is now whining that he's not allowed access to Skype while he's in jail.

The Bangladeshi man, who had worked as a software engineer for BA, was locked up in 2011 for his part in the terror plot.

Part of the painstaking investigation involved police having to decrypt hundreds of coded messages.

"The offences were of the utmost gravity. You are and were a committed jihadist who understood his duty to his religion involves fighting and, God willing, dying and then being rewarded in the afterlife" said Justice Calver-Smith in sentencing.

Now locked up in Frankland Prison, County Durham, Karim has used prisoners magazine "Inside Time" to complain about not being allowed to use Skype.

Apparently international phone calls cost him too much when he has to use the jails pay phone. Poor him, not content with normal phone calls, halal dinners, prayer time, and all the other comforts which prison offers.

Anyone want to bet there will be a human rights case in the offing in the immediate future?

Our system is probably just about insane enough to give a convicted terrorist and computer expert access to a computer, internet, and international communication - nothing would really shock any more.

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