Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goats Cheese Risotto? Wine With That? Put it on the Taxpayers Tab

As you're watching the cost of food rise and wondering if feeding the kids this week means a payday loan or a trip to the foodbank, taxpayer spending on funding cheap food and drink for pampered MP's has risen by nearly £90,000 in the last year.

Taxpayer spending on the subsidy soared in total to £5.8million annually, one bets no Sainsburies Basics or rumbling tummies for this lot.

Spending in the restaurants and bars in Parliament actually fell by 8% to £7.5million in the same period - meaning for every £10 spent you're stumping up £7.60 of that.

Simply spiffing as your tax subsidises MP's getting their snout into breast of chicken with aubergine puree and spiced couscous (£4.15) or goats cheese risotto with peas and beans (£2.40).

Should they need a stiff drink then a glass of nice whiskey will set them back £2.55, or a nice Merlot for £2.35. No wonder we see so many MP's looking comatose in the Commons, rousing themselves but briefly to mutter and curse like some better dressed - in some cases at least - clone of Father Jack Hackett.

As if the MP's didn't get perks enough without getting to chow down on decent food, washed down with alcohol, at your expense.

When Cameron became Prime Minister he made that famous speech, "we're all in this together". Sure doesn't seem that way, seems austerity is for the plebs and not the pigs at the taxpayer trough.

Still, with a bit of spin, we can make Camerons "we're all in it together" at least truthful to some degree.

The public is in it up to our necks, the elite are in it for everything they can get. There, thank us later for clarifying Dave.

It's something to think about as you struggle with ever increasing bills at the supermarket checkout, and have to make do - there will be precious little making do or getting by at Westminster, and you'll be paying for it.

Enjoy your beans on toast and value range wine, and spare a thought for those MP's chowing down on spring chicken with leeks, goat risotto, and all the rest that you mostly paid for.

No wonder the MP's didn't want halal served there, with that many pigs about at the trough it was bound to cause problems.

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