Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Islam Shows Its LGBT Credentials Again

Members of the gay community expecting a rosy multicultural Britain where the adherents of Islam lie down with and embrace LGBT rights should have their eyes opened a little today as five men go on trial for handing out leaflets calling for homosexuals to receive the death penalty.

Ihjaz Ali, Mehboob Hussain, Umar Javed, Razwan Javen, and Kabir Ahmed, are alleged to have handed out copies of pamphlets, including "The Death Penalty?", outside the Jamia Mosque in Derby.

The leaflets named homosexuality as a sin which leads to hell, and went on to say that it was once punished by hanging - and proclaimed that those practising or allowing homosexuality would suffer and be punished.

According to the leaflets they allegedly distributed, the only way homosexuality can be eradicated from society is execution.

All men deny offences of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexuality, and are appearing at Derby Crown Court.

Islam once again, shades of the 'gay free zones' stickers that appeared over areas of London. What Islam touches, it seeks to turn to Islam.

All adherents of the love that dare not speak its name ignore Islam and the Islamification of this nation at their peril, and are deluding themselves if they think they have a place in a future Islamic caliphate.

Still, keep kidding yourself, it's just a minority after all - the rest of Islam adores LGBT and wants a peaceful and diverse society of harmonious tolerance. If you're buying that you'll buy anything.

Islam, the Koran, the Hadith, and existing Islamic societies make it abundantly clear what future an Islamic UK would hold for homosexuals, you're already seeing that begin to grow and thrive around areas of enrichment.

Don't say we didn't warn you when all gay rights start getting cast into the flames of an unyielding, ever stronger and more numerous, Islam.

The rainbow of an Islamic future will be one colour, and that colour is the colour of ash.

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