Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life Means Life On Easy Street For Serial Rapist

Michael Roberts, dubbed the Beast of Bermondsey and the Praying Rapist, who carried out a string of brutal rapes on pensioners has been told he will die in prison after being jailed at Southwark Crown Court.

The vile pervert, whose known victims included a 57 year old disabled woman, a 66 year old woman, a 77 year old woman, and an 83 year old woman, evaded justice for years and was only caught as a result of giving a DNA sample in an unrelated case.

Roberts carried out a string of burglaries and rapes throughout a decade of terror, often subjecting his victims to extreme violence.

Despite standing trial for four attacks, police suspect him of other crimes during his reign of terror, including the murder of 68 year old Irene Grainey, who was raped and then stabbed to death with a kitchen knife in her own home.

After being convicted of three rapes, four burglaries, two indecent assaults, one count of buggery, and two counts of grievous bodily harm, Roberts was told in sentencing that he would spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

So, apparently life will mean life - if some appeal or human rights hearing doesn't change that. It's something, at least this monster is committing no more attacks.

However, is it really justice or retribution?

Some of his possible victims lie cold in the grave, others live on with the nightmare - and among those living, both known and unknown, what's the bet that there's a pensioner who will struggle with whether to heat or to eat in winter, who will scrimp and scrape to make ends meet?

Roberts will never know that.

Thanks to taxpayer money and human rights he'll enjoy a warm cell, plenty of comforts, and never know what it is for his belly to go empty.

He might live another 40 or 50 years - he's 45 currently - with everything he ever needs paid for by you.

Perhaps he has lost his liberty, but is that justice enough?

Are you really happy with your money going to keep a monster like this in a 5 star hotel - one with bars and locks on the doors admittedly, but still free from many of the worries which beset the law abiding.

As a reward for his spree of rape and brutality against the elderly and vulnerable, he's now got a life means life on easy street sentence.

Since - barring human rights challenges or legal changes - he's never getting out, why should we pay to keep him in clover until the day he dies.

You and the rest of the law abiding public in general, not to mention some of his victims who may still be living, might struggle to make ends meet - but he won't, and all of us will be paying to make sure of that for perhaps another 50 years.

Surely thinking about that must leave a rather bitter taste?

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