Friday, 20 January 2012

The Misinformation Merry-go-Round

Oh Labour, how holy and saintly thou are. Not Ed Inc (that's I'm Not Crap, not incorporated) this time, but Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant.

There's a great story about him up on Labours website, with a quote of "Under this Government we've seen our borders opened up and checks abandoned for potentially millions of people; fewer foreign criminals are being deported; fewer illegal immigrants are being stopped and returned from the border; and net migration is continuing to increase".

The story is headlined "Tories resorting to misinformation to hide the reality of their failures on immigration and unemployment - Bryant".

No doubt true, but pot, kettle, black anyone? Labours track record on immigration is equally dismal.

Misinformation is the way of our papier mache pretend democracy, none of the politicians or parties running the show ever give us the pure, unadulterated black and white truth. It's all spin, selective reporting, omission, and passing the buck.

We're kept in the dark and fed regular doses of misinformation by the whole damned lot of them, we're not trusted to have the actual facts and make up our own minds, nor trusted for a say on matters unless we say the required thing.

We've just seen fairly dismal crime figures released - where are the breakdowns by ethnicity and nationality (as well as, so important, nation of origin so that large amounts aren't simply labelled as British because they or their parents got told they could stay).

Nowhere we're going to be shown them, that's where. Such information must be kept quiet, we must maintain the illusion that we're enriched and that there isn't a foreign origin crime wave.

How about child grooming, and the large involvement of Pakistani Muslims? Shouted down as racist if you mention it, there isn't a problem, best it's hushed up as much as possible. When it could no longer be hushed up, well, a little damage limitation, it will do until we can distract the public with something else.

Minority on white racism? Shh, such a thing doesn't happen, we'll just seldom ever record any racial motive, we'll use an entirely different set of criteria to those used when a minority is a victim.

Or, how about those sexed up reports on Iraq? If that's not misinformation then heaven alone knows what is. One doesn't see traitor Blair suffering much as a result though.

Why we've a growing population, school place shortages, hospitals stretched to breaking point, HIV and TB running rampant, the spectre of Islamic terrorism, every other thing?

No, it's always misinformation, omission, spin, and ignorance. The people must never be told the truth - or if they are it must be carefully managed - else they might wake up to the fact that Liberal, Labour, and Tory are all the same.

None of them trust us with anything more than a hazy reflection of the truth, because to do so would see their monopoly on power ended. Our eyes would be opened to the fact that the entire bunch of them have presided over the ruination of Britain.

It's all a merry go round of misinformation, with only one certainty - none of those running the ride are ever going to give us anything more than partial truths, misinformation, and buck passing.

None of them want us to know the truth. Their future, and their continual opportunity to get their snouts in the trough, depends on us never opening our eyes.

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