Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thousands in Swindon to Celebrate Bangladesh?

We've already covered the story of how the Bangladeshi flag will fly over Swindon as part of celebrations of Bangladeshi independence, but there's something interesting in a recent Swindon Advertiser article which relates.


"The Bangladesh Association was founded in 1992 by a small group of Bangladeshi people living in the town, and now has more than 2,000 members"

and "Letters have been sent to all 300 Bangladeshi families in Swindon, inviting them to the event".

How does that work out, 300 families and 2,000 members?

Are there many members not from the area, creating an impression that there is a huge local membership of the Bangladeshi Association in Swindon?

Is the list largely made up of non Bangladeshis hopping on the PC, we must do our bit for minority, bandwagon?

Does it include many members who may have passed away, moved, and so on?

Are these 300 Swindon families massively extended and make up the majority of the membership list?

If the Bangladeshi Association in Swindon does have 2,000 members then isn't an annual income - as declared to the Charity Commission in 2010 and 2011 - of £1,595 and £5,095 respectively just a tad on the feeble side?

How does it actually know there are 300 Bangladeshi families in Swindon? It's not that easy for us to find out such things, if the total number of current (not 2001 census) Bangladeshis in Swindon is known then where is this information to be found?

Perhaps more to the point, would an Indigenous Swindon Association receive charitable status, a flag over the council offices, and the mayor out to celebrate its history?

Of course it wouldn't. Swindon will celebrate Bangladeshis in Swindon, and any celebration of Swindon (or Britain as a whole) will have to focus on celebrating every minority group to be found there.

Still, best get used to the Bangladeshi - or countless other nations - flag flying over parts of the UK. At the rate we're being colonised they'll all have their little part of Britain made home and no longer Britain.

Fire Appliance Leads Exeter Gay Pride

Lucky Exeter. It's home to one of the biggest Gay Pride celebrations in the South West.

Hundreds of marchers are out on the streets, including police and firefighters who are participating. One hopes that isn't on work time and is an optional free time hobby.

With roads closed it no doubt causes disruption galore for people who are not interested in celebrating gay pride. Who picks up the policing bills and all associated costs too?

As well as wll this, the parade was led by a fire engine provided courtesy of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

"It is about us having pride in our contributions to a vibrant and diverse city, and the city having pride in us" said Alan Quick of Exeter Gay Pride.

It might be pride for the LGBT community, but who's paying for it all one way or another, and is it a good use of fire service resources to have an appliance tied up in a gay pride parade?

Bradford : An Election Decided By Islam

"All praise to Allah!" George Galloway yelled into a megaphone, celebrating his victory in the Bradford West by-election.

It's apt. As newspapers pontificate about the reasons behind it, voter dissatisfaction, and how it's a colossal blow for Labour - which it might well be - Galloway has given us the reason for his victory in his own words with which we opened this article.

The reason is Islam.

It is reported that there was a 50% turnout for the by-election.

According to the 2001 census, Muslims made up 38% of the constituency. That's all the way back over a decade ago, one suspects that it will be much higher.

Mobilise that vote, as George clearly did, and it would be a hard job for anyone to beat you.

From Bradford we've tales of examples like "Saeeda Naz, a trainee teacher who was one of the army of Muslim women who worked around the clock for three weeks to persuade their "sisters" to vote. It was thanks to them that a stream of veiled, headscarved women could be seen heading into polling stations across the city, many voting for the first time".

Galloway sent out a letter to "voters of the Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage in Bradford West".

Islam grows in numbers, and as it does then its vote will be crucial to electoral success in any colonised area - especially when it mobilises itself en masse in support of a chosen candidate.

Islam will more and more decide the outcome of elections. One area at a time democracy becomes beholden to the Muslim block vote. By strength of numbers the ballot box comes to belong to Islam.

Galloway pointed out it wasn't only Muslims who voted for him. Perhaps true, but he'd not have been elected without the mass Muslim vote. Islam was the deciding factor.

The Daily Mail calls Galloway's victory a wakeup call for an out-of-touch elite - it's far more than that, it's a wake up call for everyone as to who now begins to hold the power to determine the outcome of elections and who will increasingly do so.

Face Down in the Dung, But Whose Nose is Getting Rubbed in it Daily?

Amusing news, with a serious point to it as ever, from Wiltshire where police arrested a 34 year old Lithuanian man for going equipped to steal fuel.

After being spotted by the police helicopter, he attempted to avoid detection by hiding in manure. According to police the man was found "face down in the dung" by officers after he'd abandoned his van in Manton near Marlborough.

A search of the mans van revealed a 1,000 litre tank and pumping equipment.

Arrested by police he was then cautioned and released without charge.

So, he's still here then. The BBC describe the offender as Lithuanian man from Ilford, Essex, surely a bit of an oxymoron if ever there was one.

We all know what it means though. We can't deport him. Just carry on robbing, you're fine to stay just as long as you don't get 2 years in prison, and you're probably fine to carry on even then.

Although, for once, at least the foreign criminal ended up with his face in the dung, it's the people of Britain getting their faces rubbed in it every day of the year.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Britain First Roadshow Hits the South West

Demographics. It's the future of a people written in numbers, and for the white British that future looks increasingly bleak.

Our low birth rates, and far higher birth rates among Muslims in the UK, sees us race towards dwindling minority. Worse yet, the Muslim population will contain far many of younger age than our own. Even based on official population figures, which are likely wildly under-exaggerated, minority to Islam is our fate in a handful of decades.

Our future, in our own nation, is a precarious one. Every passing day brings us closer to catastrophe, and every passing day we waste helps to seal our fate.

This was the bleak message, interspersed with quotes from the Koran and Islamic figures to warn us of what to expect when Islam dominates, with which the Britain First Roadshow opened in the South West.

Many here in the South West may think this is just a problem for London, or Bradford, and places anywhere but here. It is not. Our time is coming and we will not be spared. Nor will any corner of our nation from Scotland all the way down to Cornwall.

From this despair, Paul Golding ably swung us to pride with a brief presentation taking in the history of our nation. This was our history as a people. This nation is still ours, but for its future to be ours, and our children's, then we must come together now and win that future.

Paul is a very accomplished speaker, ably assisted at this event by Mike Howson, as they then explained the history, progress, and nature* of Britain First.

Membership has grown solidly, backed by an efficient administration. New groups are forming across Britain. A number of the Britain First campaigns have been highly successful. Although a new movement, Britain First is growing and going from strength to strength.

A quick cigarette break here, and a chance to chat to some of the people you'll all recognise from here. Corsham Crusader, RFF, JD Boss from the Paltalk room, a good number made it along. Great to put some faces to screen names/voices and meet up in the flesh at a friendly event like this.

Smoke over, and up came Question Time with Mike Howson and Paul Golding fielding questions from the audience. No squirming or grinning inanely and dodging the question for this panel, they fielded everything thrown at them.

From the significance of the EDL to the need for a ground up approach, building good ties with local communities, getting parish councillors into seats to learn the ropes, and plans for the future organisational and conference structure of Britain First, both Mike and Paul answered all well and with a refreshing candour.

One question really sticking in mind was regarding how Britain First willl avoid being smeared with the usual mud - you all know, that dreaded racism word - and scandal always thrown at any patriotic group.

The short answer was that although we will not, that will always be flung, it's to give it no point on which to stick. To pardon the turn of phrase, Britain First and those representing it must be whiter than white. No granny porn, no idiotic behaviour, zero tolerance of the cranks and nutcases who let down many other groups. Britain First will run a tight ship, and ensure that any allegations thrown at it will have no basis in fact.

One other thing arose from this question and answer session too - some excellent news that I'll not jump the gun and break, but details will doubtless emerge shortly and it will make for another leap forward for Britain First. Watch this space, many have been asking about this for a while and now the ball is well and truly rolling.

Overall a great night, with Paul Golding and Mike Howson both making for excellent and honest speakers. A good atmosphere and decent people. Anyone who can ever get along to a meeting, even if you've never been before, it is highly recommended you do so. Friendly, informative, honest, and the building block for the future of our nation and our people. Who can ask more than to be a part of that?

We've not long as a people to start making a stand. Britain First are flying the flag, and have many people committed to avoiding the mistakes of the past whilst securing our future. What're you waiting for? The time for us all to take action is now.

We opened with demographics, and we'll close with them. The one resounding message : If we don't do something now then in 20 or 30 years then we ourselves, or our children, will rue our hesitation. But, by then, it will be too late.

*If you take a quick trip over to the Clubman Blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and there's a useful little scrapbook of Britain First history and milestones.

Zimbabwe School Textbooks : More Wasted UK Money

Apparently UK foreign aid is supposed to create jobs and sources of income for the locals - and it seems we've been doing just that in Zimbabwe.

We give a fortune to Zimbabwe, and turn a blind eye to the racism brutal racist attacks there - it's only whites suffering, we'll not do a thing - and now we see our generosity in action.

£88million a year we hand to them, and specifically £5.6million of that went on funding textbooks for schools. No textbook shortage here in the UK then, of course not. Hurrah, we've helped the poor of Zimbabwe get an education.

Only no, we haven't. The textbooks, worth around £12 each, are turning up with street vendors who are selling them off for around £6.

According to the vendors, they buy the books from education officials or are on the payroll of "big people" which presumably means government officials.

There's our foreign aid in action. British taxes pay for books for foreign children, and those very same books turn up in the hands of foreign market peddlers to - most likely - be sold to the families of the very children they were supposedly given to in the first place.

We pay, others profit. The Department for International Development is always banging on about creating income for the locals in far flung lands. They've already got that income - it's called us, Britain the idiotic benefactor to the entire world.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lords Call for 0.7% Foreign Aid Target To Be Scrapped

For once a House of Lords inquiry has come up with a sensible recommendation, something which doesn't happen all that often.

A report from a cross party group of peers has recommended that David Cameron scraps plans to enshrine in law the spending of 0.7% of our gross national income on foreign aid.

Currently, despite austerity and cutbacks everywhere else, foreign aid stands at around £8billion and is set to rise by 37% over the next few years.

It's one of few pledges Cameron made and kept, seems he's happy to throw our money away overseas. How about our referendum on the EU Dave?

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell was quick to condemn the report, saying that "The Government makes no apologies for sticking to its commitments to the world's poorest people".

Shame they've not such an interest in Britain, or in Britain's poor and old. Then again, none of us are a priority, we come somewhere far below the people of Africa or every other nation on the planet pretty much when it comes to handing out our money.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

British Citizen Arrested Trying to Join Somalian Islam Group

Well, for once, a hat tip to the Daily Mail - their story of Clive Dennis, arrested in Somalia for attempting to join with Islamic terror group al-Shabaab doesn't claim he's British.

It at least just says he's a British citizen, and born in Jamaica.

After gaining citizenship in the UK Dennis, 45, seemed to have done his best to integrate into the multicultural dream by using his UK passport to head off to Mogadishu via Nairobi.

Dennis is said to have told authorities that he had headed there to "help Islam".

He was allegedly detained in possession of a number of weapons, drugs, and credit cards. He's the latest in a line of 'Britons' detained on either in, or on their way to, Somalia.

He may have wished to help Islam, but what's the bet we spend a fortune on helping him out now - and let him back in after?

If he's so keen on Somalia they can have him, problem solved. He should like that, justice in an Islamic country is no doubt far more palatable to him than life in the UK.

Once again, another road to jihad crosses Britain. This is becoming a recurring theme. Maybe the so called war on terror should look here.

Council Cash For Gay Birmingham Rhino

With times of austerity upon us then what possible better way to spend taxpayer money could there be than to blow £15,000 on an horrendous looking rhinestone encrusted model of a rhino to herald entry to Birmingham's 'Gay Village'.

You just couldn't make it up. £10,000 of the money is coming from Birmingham City Council, and seemingly the other £5,000 funded by Birmingham LGBT (charity number 1141568, formerly the Birmingham LGBT Community Trust and charity number 1117936).

Birmingham LGBT seem to benefit a lot from lottery funding as well.

The Heritage Lottery fund paid £50,000 for a pair of research and oral history projects called Gay Birmingham Remembered.

The Big Lottery fund is stumping up £479,263 over four years to create a Health and Wellbeing centre for the LGBT population of Birmingham. This centre is due to open in 2012.

Other grants from the Lottery Fund since 2009 include repeated donations towards the SHOUT festival (£34,400, £9,050, £29,020, £5,000, £46,575).

With all that money coming in you think they'd be able to afford their own tacky rhino - said rhino apparently being chosen to represent strength and because it was a symbol of gay rights in the USA.

Here it's more a symbol of wasted money and pandering to minority.

"This is a hugely exciting project that represents the culmination of four years’ work between Birmingham LGBT and the city council to create a truly iconic piece of art" pouts David Viney of Birmingham LGBT.

We all truly are struggling to contain our excitement, and it is most definitely iconic of something.

Baroness Adam's Escapes Repaying Expenses

Labour's Baroness Adam's, who had been ordered to repay £4,110 of mortgage claims she was found to have misclaimed, has managed to escape paying it back - simply by insisting her claims were valid.

The former MP for Paisely North, who joined the Lords in 2005, had warned that she would fight the case in the courts rather than pay back the money.

In a meeting earlier this week, the Commons Commission admitted defeat decided and that the debt will be written off because it would be too difficult to make her pay the money back.

So, get caught claiming money it is ruled you are not entitled to and all you have to do is say bugger off, I was entitled to it, and simply refuse to pay without a fight.

Afterwards then keep on claiming those expenses. Baroness Adam's has a long track record of large expenses claims. In 2009/10 she was the second most costly peer in the Lords, claiming £63,215 - or £486.25 for each of the 130 days she turned up - in expenses.

One guesses few - well, none - of these lords and ladies with their snouts in the expenses trough struggled with a dilemma of whether to heat or to eat this, or any, winter.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Race Is Inconsequential Argue Plymouth Young Cabinet

Some august body calling itself the UK Youth Parliament and the Plymouth Young Cabinet have a most interesting article in the Plymouth Herald today.

The shadow of racism must be eradicated from the city.

Starting with the most obvious of points, one example given is a Sikh man who was called 'Bin Laden' by a child. Whereas obviously we are not condoning such an insult, the Plymouth Young Cabinet seem to be confused.

"Incidents such as this really demonstrate how ignorance is behind most racist comments and we think it is absolutely disgraceful that somebody could openly compare a Sikh to a terrorist".

Surely that would be a religiously motivated incident, not a racist one? Unless Sikhs have now become a racial group that is. One would guess it would be an incident based on the perception he was Muslim, thus making it religious and not racial. If we are going to have all these -ism's then best those using them at least get it right.

The most interesting statement though is one that :

"Everyone is different from one another: and race and ethnicity are as inconsequential as the colour of somebody's hair, or the size of their shoes"


So, if these esteemed young Plymouth PC police to be were to hear a black man say he is proud to be black, they'd point out to him that he shouldn't be proud because his race is inconsequential?

If race is utterly inconsequential, then surely too all awards and schemes for specific racial or ethnic groups should be abolished forthwith?

One doesn't see schemes such as London Schools and the Child with Big Feet, or the Brown Haired Business Awards getting much press after all.

It does have to work both ways to be fair, race can't be inconsequential when it suits, and then accorded great importance at other times.

One appreciates this is a youth cabinet, fed on the politically correct dogma that infests schools today, and perhaps they'll learn better as they get older. Race is a tool used when it suits the PC establishment. Some races are told their race is of great consequence - something to be proud of - and others are told that they must never refer to their own race, yet must celebrate all other races, which again goes to show that race is not considered inconsequential.

It is simple. If race or ethnicity is inconsequential then no reference to race either positive or negative must be used, no special treatment or promotion, else race is of consequence. It's no good arguing these are needed because of racism - of course by whites - or institutional racism, they still go to show that race is of consequence.

Has the young cabinet/youth parliament got such a post as a BME officer? And if so does it have a White Officer post? Does it discuss BME issues, and if so does it discuss specifically white issues? If so it surely proves the point that race is only inconsequential when it suits?

Rounding off, the youth cabinet tell us that "The first step is to confront the problem and from there progress can be made in educating, particularly younger generations, on other religions, cultures and aspects of immigration".

Fair enough, but let's tell them the truth and let them make up their own minds instead of spinning them a positive line that everything is rosy. Let them be armed with information and free to decide, not forced to accept the party line or suffer the attentions of the race gestapo. Aspects of immigration alone would be enough to enlighten many were they told the truth in the classroom.

Don't seek to use an example of a racist attack, and a religious slur wrongly labelled as a racist one - both of which all of us would condemn, and hopefully you would do the same if it were (as it is often) targeted at a white victim - as a springboard to argue for the abolition of race, and the indoctrination of children to conform with the rose tinted official view of diversity.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Child Pervert Spared Jail To Look After His Mum

If someone sexually abused a girl between the ages of five and eight, and was convicted of a string of offences in relation to this, you'd expect them to at least serve some time in prison?

Not if they have learning difficulties and have to look after their mum apparently.

David Reed, 56, of Lower Knowle was found guilty of : 4 sexual assaults, 4 counts of gross indecency, 4 indecent assaults, and 4 counts of inciting a girl aged under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

A victim impact statement from his young victim said that "I'm glad I told the truth and he was found guilty. I was only a little girl. I would like him to be punished and go to prison...I think he's a risk to other young girls and needs to be stopped from doing it again".

An unrepentant Reed told the judge that "I still say I ain't guilty" after he was convicted by jury.

The defence claimed that Mr Reed's mother relies on him for support, Reed is scared he could not do this if imprisoned, and that he has a stomach condition with is aggravated by stress.

Fine then, no prison for him.

Judge David Ticehurst handed Reed a 12 month sentence suspended for 2 years, 2 years of supervision and 120 hours of community service. Reed was also placed on the sex offenders register and banned from contact with children.

There's justice in Britain for you it seems. If you've a bit of a dodgy tummy, and your mum needs looking after, then it's a get out of jail free card if you're a pervert who abuses a young child. So much for protecting children and punishing child abusers then.

Romanians Lead the Field for Cashpoint Crime in UK

"The fact is, 92 per cent of all automated teller machine (ATM) fraud we see in this country is committed by Romanian nationals. Very, very tight communities, very tight gangs"

So says Detective Chief Inspector Paul Barnard, head of the police cheque and plastic crime unit.

With an estimated £30million stolen in ATM crimes each year, that's one whole lot which can be laid at the door of a small army of Romanian enrichers, most of whom apparently have ties to the city of Bacau.

So enriched at our expense is Bacau that it is believed the proceeds of crime now make up 70% of the regions economy.

With the Olympics on the way, police are warning of an upsurge in such fraudulent activity, and estimate that there are 1,000 Romanian ATM fraud gangs still operating in Britain.

How lucky we are.

The face of crime in Britain is truly multicultural, with people from all corners of the globe rising to dominate in various areas. Perhaps there's an idea for a society obsessed with celebrating minority, we could have a "Foreign Crime Pride" awards.

For their achievements in the field of ATM fraud, we'd like to present Romania with the FCP award for cashpoint theft. In recognition of their major contribution to child grooming c'mon down Pakistanis in Britain. The gun crime and mugging awards, well, they're going to a black nation for sure.

Foreign criminals, crime in Britain. That's what our open borders and multicultural experiment have given us. They all saw an easy mark, namely Britain, and they're robbing us blind whilst we prattle on about how wonderful diversity is.

UK Tuberculosis Diagnoses Increase In 2011

Provisional figures released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) have shown a 5% rise in the number of new cases of tuberculosis in the UK.

Compared to 8,587 cases reported in 2010, the new figures show 9,042 cases reported for 2011.

Broken down by region, it's England suffering the brunt of new cases, with a 7.1% rise, up from 7,862 diagnoses in 2010 to 8,418 cases in 2011.

Within England, we see London, the West Midlands, and Yorkshire & the Humber all trending upwards. Any link to enrichment there? Hmmm.

The HPA said that of the new cases, country of origin was recorded for 8,453. Nearly 3/4 (6,270) were not born in the UK.

Just wait until we see complete figures with ethnicity for 2011. One will take a wild stab in the dark that most cases among the UK born are not in white British born people.

"TB continues to disproportionately affect those in hard to reach and vulnerable groups, particularly migrants, so it is crucial that we have specific strategies in place to address this" said Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, head of the HPA TB section.

Controlling our borders might well be the best specific strategy that could possibly put in place. Whether it be crime or illness we're seeing time and time again how much of it originates outside of this country, then is imported and made into our problem.

Reaping the Multicultural Harvest

Hardly a day seems to go by without some new warning about the risk of terrorist attacks on the Olympics.

Today the Independent tells us that all 3,800 MI5 staff will be mobilised for the games "amid rising concerns over the possibility of terrorist attacks"

We also have the Mirror telling us that security documents reveal that a sleeper cell waiting to commit an atrocity could already be in place and waiting its chance to strike.

The Sun yells about a cyanide poisoning plot on an Islamic terror website.

By the time the media finishes hyping up the paranoia about terrorists targeting the Olympics everybody thinking of going will probably decide it's safer to stay at home and watch it on the TV (or stay at home and not watch it at all, better to spend time with a good book).

In amongst it all though, nobody actually mentions why we have a terrorist threat at all.

Just who are the terrorists that are likely to hit it? Dissident Irish get a mention, and a few places suggest lone wolf - with hints at it being a concern that it might be someone from the 'far right' - but the overwhelming worry is terrorists from Islam, the religion of peace.

Would we have the same level of terror threat if we'd not let them all in, given them council houses and giros, and allowed whole areas of our nation to become more like Pakistan than Peckham?

Of course we wouldn't. The increasing terror threat arises directly as a result of a nation now seeing the bitter harvest of the multicultural madness come to fruition.

If - and heaven hope the games pass by without incident - there is an atrocity then Islam may well be the most likely culprit. The blame though? Our politicians share a big part of it, they helped to make this, they ensured that jihad gained a foothold in the UK and is here to threaten the Olympics (and everything else) to begin with.

Islamic fanatics may be the ones priming the bombs, but we gave them a new home for their hate, we welcomed them with open arms and decreed that they were just as British as anyone else. Enemy they may well be, but our own actions paved the way for them to be in Britain to attack us.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pupils Taking Polish GCSE Increases Eightfold

In just the space of six years, the number of children taking GCSEs in Polish has soared by 867% with 2,600 candidates taking the exam 2011.

Most of those sitting the exams are likely to be native Polish speakers, those gaining A-C grades stood at 95% compared to 72% of those studying French. There are currently an estimated 619,000 Poles in the UK.

With educational standards low, and pressure on schools to get a high pass rate, the influx of foreign students who can then sit a language exam in their own tongue is a tempting way to boost performance rates.

"Polish is a difficult language and it is obviously Poles that are sitting it. For them, it’s a free GCSE....If you’re a headmaster you've got league tables to think about" said Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education.

It's definitely one way to massage the figures and try to hide the fact that a mass influx of foreign speaking students negatively impacts on the education of native English speakers.

It is not only Polish GCSEs either. Recent years have shown an increase in pupils taking GCSEs in languages such as Urdu, Arabic, and Chinese, with many of those sitting such exams being described as 'having a personal connection with the language'.

At the same time, the number of pupils taking French as a GCSE has fallen heavily, from over 300,000 in 2004 to under 200,000 in 2010.

Not only do we have class rooms where many different languages are spoken, we now have schools capitalising on this in the league tables by having students sit a GCSE language exam in their own mother tongue.

Tory Treasurer Quits Over Donations for Access to Cameron Scandal

Peter Cruddas, formerly co-treasurer of the Conservative party, has resigned after video footage apparently showed him offering access to David Cameron in exchange for an annual donation of £250,000.

Cruddas offered the cash for access deal to Sunday Times reporters who were posing as potential donors, and dangled the possibility of a chance to influence government policy before them.

He was appointed co-treasurer in June 2011, so hasn't even managed a year in the role.

"It's quite right that Peter Cruddas has resigned. I will make sure there is a proper party inquiry to make sure this can't happen again" said David Cameron.

Cruddas has claimed that his comments on camera were bluster, and that there was never any question of sizable cash donations obtaining access to the prime minister or influencing government policy.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Theresa May Tells Scotland Mass Immigration is Bad

You just couldn't make it up. Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that Scottish independence will "open Scotlands border up to mass immigration".

Whereas Scotland should indeed remain a part of the UK, and the posturing SNP will lead our Scottish brothers to ruin and the EU jackboot if they get their way, May's argument of mass immigration is a wretched one.

Isn't mass immigration brilliant? That's what the politicians have been telling us for years, Scotland should surely welcome it.

Doesn't the UK as a whole already have our borders opened up to mass immigration?

Or, if mass immigration is a negative and avoiding it is a reason Scotland should remain in the UK then surely May must be admitting that mass immigration to the UK as a whole is a bad thing and something to be avoided?

That must be it. Theresa has had a conversion of some sort, her eyes have been opened and she is admitting that mass immigration is really something that is unwelcome and which no nation wants.

Well said Theresa, we have to agree with you there. You're in power, you admit that mass immigration is unwanted, get to it and end it for the UK as a whole. Close those borders now, you said yourself that open borders and mass immigration are a bad thing. Do something about it.

Oxford Child Prostitution/Rape Case - Arrested Men Named

Well, well. We said it here and here - what possible reason could there have been for not naming the men, or even identifying the ethnicity, of the 13 men arrested in this vile case of child sexual abuse?

Now a number of them have been named, and we're proven absolutely right.

Akhtar Dogar faces three charges of rape, one of conspiring to rape a child, one of threats to kill, three of arranging prostitution of a child, and one of trafficking.

His brother Anjum Dogar faces charges of conspiring to rape a child, trafficking a child, and arranging the prostitution of a child.

Kamar Jamil faces four charges of rape, two of arranging the prostitution of a child, a threat to kill charge and a charge of supplying cocaine.

All three are remanded in custody to appear at Aylesbury Crown Court on March 30. Another 3 men appearing today have yet to be named, but we know what is coming, we'll print their names when they show up.

We told you exactly what this was - more enrichers grooming vulnerable children in the UK. That's why the police wanted to keep it quiet and were at such pains to reassure the community.

Vile, sickening, and kept quiet for as long as is possible by the authorities.

This is Britain now, this is what British children are subjected to. This is what the state does not want us to know about, community cohesion is more important to them than a raped child. Enough is enough.

*Update, the other 3 in court today are now named.

Zeshan Ahmed, charged with ten counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed Karrar, charged with two counts of conspiracy to rape a child, and supplying cocaine.

Bassan Karrar, brother to Mohammed, charged with a single count of rape.

Homosexuals Before Heroes Now Council Policy?

Fly the gay pride flag, celebrate homosexuals and lesbians, you're fine and dandy with Bassetlaw Council.

Dare to lower the town hall flag in honour of heroes killed in Afghanistan? Gross misconduct, you're in deep trouble.

That's the unbelievable situation at Bassetlaw Council, where an employee faces disciplinary action, and a health and safety probe, for lowering the flag in a show of respect to the 6 British soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan.

The full story is in the Sun.

Homosexuals before heroes must now be official council policy there. Why is that not surprising?

Six Charged and Appearing Before Magistrates in Oxford Child Grooming Case

Well, several days after the arrests in Oxford relating to the horrific and organised abuse of multiple children, we're still no wiser as to the identity of the suspects. This despite seven being bailed, and six charged and apparently appearing in court today presumably to see whether they will be remanded into custody.

The police really are keeping a lid on it. We have the Oxford Mail telling us that "police have refused to say where the raids were made as it would put the suspects or their families at risk of attacks".

The Thames Valley Police website has gone utterly quiet on it, the last post appears to be on the 22nd of March, and contains a note to editors that "At this time we will not be confirming the police stations where the men will answer bail, and we do not expect to have further information to release until approximately midday tomorrow (23/03/12)". This promised update certainly hasn't materialised on the Thames Valley Police site.

There's no information at all, nobody named or no ethnicity mentioned. There is obviously some ulterior motivation for not naming those now charged, Thames Valley happily name a suspect in an entirely different case who has been charged with stealing a catalytic converter, and another man charged with various theft offences (again, to make it utterly clear, these men have nothing to do with the grooming case or the abuse of children). But, nothing on the men charged in this major grooming case.

Earlier, Thames Valley Police refused to reveal the ethnicity of the alleged abusers because it "could result in the victims being identified". That in itself is a remarkably odd comment as Sarah Albion so correctly pointed out in an article on the British Resistance website.

What we know currently is the set of charges against six of the men, and their ages.

A 31 year old man, charged with 3 counts of rape, 1 count of conspiring to rape a child, 3 counts of arranging prostitution of a child, 1 of making threats to kill, and 1 of trafficking.

A 30 year old man charged with 1 count of conspiring to rape a child, 1 count of arranging the prostitution of a child, and 1 count of trafficking.

A 37 year old man, charged with 2 counts of conspiracy to rape a child and 1 count of supplying a class A drug.

A 32 year old man charged with 1 count of rape.

A 26 year old man charged with 4 counts of rape, 2 counts of arranging the prostitution of a child, and 1 count of making a threat to kill.

A 26 year old man charged with 10 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

It's all an odd situation. Let us assume the men are white. Most people in the UK are after all. Telling the press "No, put this idea it is an Asian grooming gang to bed, the arrested men are all white British nationals" would surely identify nobody either victim or suspect? If they were white British nationals surely the police would be at pains to point that out so that 'evil racists' would stop speculating that this is another case of systematic abuse by Muslim paedophiles?

Just what are the police trying to keep quiet, and who - or what - are they trying to protect?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Legal or Not, No Enriched Schools for At Least 1,000 Jewish Boys In London

If 1,000 white, British pupils suddenly disappeared from mainstream education and seemingly were being taught in unofficial schools which did not adhere to the national curriculum, do you think authorities would be negotiating with the community for weeks, let alone 3 years, to try and find out what happened to them?

Of course not, their parents would be hauled up in court post haste.

Not among the Jewish community in London though, where it seems that the Department of Education has opted for a diplomatic, aka don't you dare offend that minority, approach.

An estimate says that 1,000 Jewish boys aged 13-16 have vanished from mainstream education, and are now being taught in unofficial religious schools.

Crack down on such flouting of the law, slap fines on the parents, or make them adhere to the norms the rest of the populace are expected to?

No, won't happen. The DoE are in negotiations with the Jewish community, and looking at ways in which the unofficial schools can comply with curriculum standards and become officially registered. They've been in the same negotiations since 2008.

Apparently some staunch conservative Jewish elements oppose state intervention - so of course that must be pandered to.

Heaven help the white British parent if they decided to yank their children out of mainstream education and decided to communally teach them in unofficial schools where they'd not be subjected to the multicultural nightmare and could be taught to be proud of their own identity.

One can't actually blame the Jewish populace for not wanting their children to be subjected to the nightmare which is mainstream schooling in London, but the way in which the authorities approach it smacks of double standards and pandering to minority lest they be accused of anti-semitism.

Diversity is the death of peoples. Conservative Jews realise it, that's why they keep their children out of it. Muslims realise it which is why their children come to dominate in numbers in one school at a time.

White British celebrate their own death as a triumph for diversity, and should they waiver then officialdom is there to beat them into line.

'Health' Tax On Alcohol To Hit the Poorest Most

In a rare Friday statement - in the last 10 years used only for the Iraq war, swine flu, and Libya - and no doubt timed to distract attention from the budget raid on pensioners and the poorest in society, Home Secretary Theresa May has outlined another cash grab, cloaked in language about tackling binge drinking.

The most likely outcome is that a minimum price of 40p per alcohol unit is to be brought in - which again disproportionately robs those lower income drinkers, many of whom drink sensibly, without doing a thing to tackle the binge drinking culture.

Gone will be cheap supermarket deals and 2 for 1 offers, a bottle of Sainsbury Basics cider will soar from £1.89 to the £3.20 mark, and it is nothing more than a cynical tax grab on consumers already hard hit by the dire economic situation and a cruel budget.

Will it stop, for point of example, rich MP's binge drinking in subsidised Commons bars and getting into fights? Or posh toffs, perhaps royal, bingeing and making an arse of themselves? Of course it won't. It's not intended to. It is a tax garbed in the clothes of protecting the public from the dangers of drink.

Will it end pubs offering double shots of vodka for £1? No, it won't make a blind bit of difference.

The people it will hit most? The normal hard working Brit who may like to unwind with a few beers, who never gets drunk or drinks to excess, but who doesn't mind a drink now and again.

Binge drinkers and alcoholics will carry on the same. They may end up paying a bit more, but fluctuations in the prices of other (illegal) drugs never really hit demand, they'll find a way, and it will be the same with alcohol.

Something to think on though, and back to our bottle of Sainsburies Basics cider at £1.89. When that becomes £3.20 who will buy it when name brands like Strongbow or Blackthorn would cost the same? Nobody, they'll buy the name brands.

Are supermarkets going to sit back and let that happen? Of course not, the prices of name brand drinks will rise in relation to the 'basic' rate. This will amount to an across the board rise in the price of all alcohol.

Nothing will change on binge drinking, but it will be a nice winner for the Treasury in the form of tax on these increased prices which will ripple across the board. They'll tell you it's for your own health but it isn't, it's for their pockets.

They can cloak it however they like, it's about getting money from the pockets of the poorest into the coffers of a treasury which has been ruined by waste and mismanagement.

Now Over 1,600 Schools Where English Language is a Minority

Thanks to the joys of mass immigration, the gift that just keeps on giving, England now has 1,638 schools where pupils with English as their first language are a minority.

In 1997 there were 866 schools where pupils who had English as a first language were in the minority, that figure has nearly doubled in just 15 years.

Across England, 547,000 children - one in six - of primary school pupils do not have English as a first language. For secondary school pupils that stands at around 400,000 or one in eight.

Unsurprisingly the majority of schools where English as a mother tongue is a minority are around heavily colonised areas such as Newham, Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, and Bradford.

Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujurati, and Somalian ranked as the most common mother tongues among the non English speakers.

Expect it to get far worse as these primary school children move on to secondary school and more children of immigrants and the foreign born enter the primary school system.

We've currently in the region of 24,500 schools in England - and more and more will see those for whom English is a first language become a minority.

What about the education of the poor British child, thrust into that cauldron of tongues from every corner of the globe babbling in a cacophony of foreign noise?

There is simply no way that the indigenous child cannot be held back whilst attention is paid to raising the standards of the enricher child. The extra time and resources needed to do so must come from somewhere, and there is no need to ask which child will find themselves held back.

Such enrichment of our schools comes with a price - the education of the indigenous child suffers, and already thin school budgets have to devote more and more resources to the foreign child.

Whether it be by race, language, or culture, we see the English child increasingly shoved into minority status and marginalised within their own schools. It will get far worse, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Our children, and their children, will be paying the price for this insane multicultural experiment for a long time to come.

Elderly Care Home Woman Left Injured on Floor As Muslim Nurse Prayed

An inquest in Sheffield has heard how 87 year old alzheimers sufferer Dorothy Griffiths was left lying injured and un-helped - because a Muslim carer was praying and would not have his prayers interrupted.

After the fall from bed at Valley Park Nursing Home, near Barnsley, Mrs Griffiths suffered a cut to her head and a gash to her leg, but was left lying there for up to 10 minutes after being discovered because the nurse in charge, one Abdul Bhutto, was "praying upstairs in the office on his prayer mat. A staff member told me we had to wait for him to finish".

An ambulance was not called until 4 hours later, and Mrs Griffiths subsequently died in hospital.

Abdul Bhutto has denied being the duty nurse that night, and also claimed that he was only there on a course. He also failed to appear at the inquest, and a summons was issued for him to appear later in the year.

"We are quite upset that Mr Bhutto hadn't appeared and we are having to come here again particularly as my brother is having to come up from Staffordshire. We would like it to have been done and dusted but we can't leave it without his evidence" said Jean David, daughter of Dorothy Griffiths.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Mirrors Brian Reade and the Urge To Vomit

In the wake of events in Toulouse, where an hysterical left and media leapt to the conclusions that suited them far ahead of any evidence and show little signs of contrition, Daily Mirror regular columnist Brian Reade has gone on the offensive against the right with what has to be one of the most pathetic smear pieces to grace the Mirrors unhallowed pages in a while.

Brainless Brian launches straight into the fray with a title telling us that "the ranting right is on the rampage", and informing us that he's long had an allergic reaction to right wingers that makes him want to vomit. Here's looking at you kid.

We're then told that the ideology of the right is based on hate, and loathing for people who threaten our wealth, ideas, and way of life. Oh how intolerant the right is, how nasty, how based on hate. Could it be that the right - and the honesty that comes with it - threatens your way of life and your cushy cheque in the mail for writing trite, politically correct fluff pieces in the media Mr Reade, and that's why you hate?

A clue immediately comes our way.

"the right uses propaganda machines like MigrationWatch and The TaxPayers’ Alliance to highlight statistics which inflame anger towards immigrants and welfare claimants".

Really? Are the figures cited by the Taxpayers Alliance and Migrationwatch wrong then? Point some of the incorrect ones out for us Brian. If they're not wrong then they'd not be propaganda, they'd be simple statistical truth. You might much rather that people did not see figures such as that - censorship in other words - but not one effort to challenge the figures themselves? Very shoddy.

Apparently the right also believes it has a monopoly on personal morality. Funny that, doesn't seem to be the right which is busily passing laws permitting anything goes, and a criminal record or hefty discrimination suit for anyone who dares to have differing opinions on personal morality - such as poor hoteliers - and who wish to live in accordance with that.

Then we really get to the rub of it :

"The right possess an instinctive intolerance which is dangerous and disturbing. Which is why it was no surprise that French police’s initial reaction to the murders in Toulouse (wrongly, as it turned out) was to blame extreme right-wingers".

"As we saw in Norway, where neo-Nazi Anders Breivik killed 69 kids at a Labour Party holiday camp, right-wing militancy is on the rise across Europe".

Very good, it's justified to assume every attack is a lone right winger because of a lone nutcase like Breivik, and because the right is - according to liberal journalists - inherently intolerant. Pathetic.

Heaven help Islam if you liberals applied the same logic to them. It would be right to assume every terrorist attack was Islam motivated, every grooming gang was Muslim, and all the rest of it. Well, face it, safer to assume that than 'right wingers', if you back Islam as the culprit with no evidence you'd be right far more often. If you stuck to your own logic you'd ban it overnight.

They're not on the Mirrors chosen target list though, are they, they're the religion of peace sadly afflicted with a few deluded non-muslims who call themselves muslims and get Islam a bad name.

Truly pathetic Brian. Give it up. As a prod at the right article goes that is utterly laughable, although that does at least mean it remains consistent with most of your other attempts at journalism in the Mirror.

Just admit it, you were positively salivating over the chance to write about a right wing nutter, or even better a right wing gang, killing poor minorities and Jewish children. Now, as many of us suspected, it turned out to be a muslim.

That avenue of attack ruined, someone had to say something in the Mirror - your piece was it, and is as feeble as they come. The right make you sick because they're intolerant is the sum of it. Wouldn't you call that view intolerant - not to mention Islamophobic - if another journalist said that all muslims make him sick because they are intolerant?

Pathetic Brian. It's good the liberals have journalistic champions such as yourself, you're not even amateur night. Your indignation and intolerance, not to mention the fact that your entire article is a shining example of the very things you claim to despise, does a great job of showing up the liberal hypocrisy, bias, and blind hatred. After reading your dross no doubt many will look elsewhere, hopefully somewhere more truthful and less wrapped up in personal anger and indignation, for information or opinion. Good work.

12 Arrests In Major Oxford Child Sexual Exploitation Case

Details are emerging of a police raid as part of Operation Bullfinch, investigating the sexual grooming and trafficking of girls as young as 11.

So far the details are somewhat sketchy, but 12 men have been arrested and it related to the exploitation of 22 girls aged between 11-16, most of whom were said to have been brought up in care.

It is said that the children were groomed, given drugs and drink, sold for sex, and raped by these evil men.

The raids took place in Oxford, and all of the girls are said to be from the Oxfordshire area.

Quoting from the Daily Mail : "Police refused to comment on the ethnicity of the children or men involved, although it is understood that it bore similarities to other cases in the country"

Superintendent Chris Sharp has said that "My neighbourhood policing teams will be carrying out reassurance patrols in the area, issuing information about the operation with contact details if people need further information, or would like to report any activity in relation to this investigation".

Police have even posted a Youtube video - embedded - warning us that that isn't rife, a small group of people, happens in every town etc.

No comment on ethnicity. Reassurance patrols. That video and the wording used in it.

Is this going to be what we think it is? We could be wrong, but it certainly looks that way and all the language used so far suggests it. The days to come will reveal the truth - is this another horrifying incident in a catalogue of abuse that is becoming all too familiar in Britain?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Court Shown Footage of 15 Year Old Gang Raped by 'Asians'

Leeds Crown Court has heard sickening details in what has to be one of the vilest cases of 'Asian' paedophiles in recent memory - and there are a lot of horrendous cases to pick from.

A 15 year old girl was allegedly plied with vodka before being subjected to an horrific catalogue of rape and abuse at the hands of no less than 6 men.

Worse yet, the sickening and prolonged sexual attack was filmed by the gang.

The jury at Leeds Crown Court was shown the video footage, with audio in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, in which the victim pleaded for her clothes back and to be allowed to go whilst she was abused by multiple assailants.

According to the prosecution, the schoolgirls ordeal began after drinks with a friend saw her end up at Ali Rehmans home.

There she was given more alcohol, her friend sold cannabis, and then - because the victim was now too drunk - Rehman offered to let her sleep it off after her friend left.

She came to to find Saqib Hussain being given ten minutes to use her.

Then Ali Rehman allegedly entered the room and raped her.

She was then taken to another address, that of Faiser Younas.

There she woke up to discover 2 men attempting to rape her at the same time.

Then she was put in a taxi, driven by Larasab Hussain, and forced to drink more vodka before being driven to Hussain's flat.

Following this she was returned to Ali Rehmans house, where the police found her in the morning.

All of the men deny the charges - Ali Rehman is charged with three counts of rape, one of attempted rape. Faisar Youas with one count of rape. Hassan Rehman and Wahid Hassan with one count of attempted rape. Saqib Hussain and Larasab Hussain face a charge of sexual assault.

The trial continues, and nothing more really needs saying. Should these men be guilty then no sentence our feeble legal system hands to them will ever be enough.

This girl, and so many more like her, should have been protected before the attack could ever take place. What is now happening in our country is beyond words.

Shame on Them

Well, there's a turn up for the books.

After days of the press announcing a 'far right' link to the horrific shootings in Toulouse, despite seemingly having little evidence, police have now swooped on a suspect.

More on that in a moment, but interesting in relation to it was a lot of speculation that discussing halal food, burka bannings, immigration issues, and so on could have set off a far right nutcase.

"As shock fades, France may be forced to lower temperature of the fevered political climate - With France traumatised by a spate of apparent hate killings aimed at its minorities, the hour is less for soul-searching than national unity" ran the Telegraph headline, opening by making sure to point out that the victims were "four French Jews, including three children, two Muslims and a paratrooper of Caribbean descent in three separate incidents".

The press was plastered with images of white neo-nazis, the whole impression was that legitimate debate on immigration, halal, and so on should be silenced in the interest of national unity.

The implication made was that debating it gave fuel to 'far right' nutters and caused horrific attacks such as those blighting France.

Now, back to the suspect - The 'far right' serial killer is, according to reports, one Mohammed Merah. He appears to have served prison time in Kandahar Prison, Afghanistan for planting bombs, and to have escaped in 2008. It is said that he's a French national of Moroccan origin, and also suggested he has links to groups in Pakistan.

Want to bet that the rhetoric will now be that immigration, halal and so on shouldn't be discussed because they might anger another poor Muslim - who of course isn't really a Muslim, they'll be at pains to point that out; One doubts they would have had it been a 'far right' psychopath, they'd have tarred all - into committing terrible acts.

At any rate, the coverage in the press has been disgusting, hysterical, and these tragic deaths seized upon by many hoping to make political capital from it or to insist that certain issues should not be raised in the political arena. Now, with the utmost hypocrisy, they say that these events should not be used for political gain or electioneering.

Shame on them. They've shown no hesitation in using the deaths of innocent children to push an agenda, it's sickening. Now their politically motivated speculation is proven wrong, and it seems that a member of the religion of peace was to blame, nobody is supposed to mention it. The basest and most vile hypocrisy in action.

It Wouldn't Happen to a Rainbow Flag

From Plymouth comes news that Labour councillors have called the tattered union flag flying over the Hoe an 'embarrassment'.

"It is just embarrassing that this is the image we present to residents and tourists – ripped and neglected. Plymouth deserves better....A new flag can cost less than £50" said Cllr Vivien Pengelly.

Indeed it is tattered, although perhaps somewhat apt of the state we see our Britain in today.

Still, 50 quid is 50 quid, flying the flag proudly probably doesn't rate highly for politicians of most parties.

After all, we do have to keep that money back for important things - all those contributions to minority or multicultural projects such as the Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity, paying people to come up with all those equality reviews the publications the council produces, and every other waste of our money.

Fifty quid for a Union flag? Councils of all political colours would stump up the cash far more quickly if it was a gay pride flag.

Yes, somehow the tattered and neglected flag is indeed fitting of what the politicians have done to our nation.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Polish Children Increasing In Occupied Tower Hamlets

Just yesterday an article on the British Resistance detailed the ratio of Bangladeshi children to White British children in Tower Hamlets schools.

Without repeating - read it yourself here - it is not a pretty picture. In 40 out of the 47 schools for which information was released, the Bangladeshi children made up a majority - in some cases more than 90% of all the children there.

Nothing more could be said of those figures than that the white British child has become a minority in that area of their own nation.

It's not only Bangladeshi children who have increased at a huge rate in the Tower Hamlets area - Polish children attending schools there have more than doubled since 2007.

Although representing nowhere near the staggering numbers reached by Bangladeshis, the number of Polish children stood at 7,958 on May 2007.

By April 2011 they now numbered 16,475, a 107% increase since 2007.

Much smaller figures than those of the Bangladeshi population, but representative of another nail hammered into the coffin of a Britain that wishes to remain Britain.

Other populations now resident here increase rapidly, our population remains static (which in % terms still represents a decline relative to other ethnic groups) or actually decline in numbers.

In some areas - Tower Hamlets being a prime example - we are now minority. We soon will be in area after area, Tower Hamlets and a few similarly heavily colonised areas are just the beginning. What they see today will be all of our tomorrows.

The indigenous of Britain are being shoved aside. Other populations grow in numbers and strength, we dwindle and diminish.

Look to Tower Hamlets - and it will get worse even there - and we see the truth of the mass immigration inflicted on this country. In area after area we will become an ever shrinking minority living in a place which is no longer Britain in any sense of the word.

Every Day A New Minority Award

Awards, awards, awards. Seems there's a reward every time a minority group does just about anything.

Todays announcement is that nominations are now open for the one legged woman of colour (or black woman if you prefer) who has contributed to breathing....wait, sorry, it's the LGBT Asian awards for standing about doing not much....

Sorry, all these awards do get confusing - it's actually the Muslim Women's Contribution Awards.

Showcasing pioneering entrepreneurs, social activists and leaders...aiming to defeat stereotypes about Muslim women, blah blah. One guesses we'll see wonderfully integrated examples of Islamic womanhood, not a pair of eyes glaring through a chink in the armour and trotting a decent distance behind the men in sight.

Asian. Black. Muslim. Gay. Transgender. Traveller. Or any combination of those plus a hundred others. There's no end of the awards for minority, there must be one for every day of the week.

You know what you never see though?

Not one award for whites. Never. It's always minority, or inclusive, and when it comes to race white is not allowed to be mentioned. White British awards would be shouted down for discrimination in a heartbeat.

Ahh well, maybe a few white converts will make it to the Muslim Womens awards. Among minority is the only place white is allowed to belong and not be made to feel ashamed these days.

Side Order of Illegal Workers With That?

Another day, another handful of illegal workers detained in takeaways/restaurants in Devon. One can almost see a pattern emerging when looking at UKBA arrests, there usually always seems to be a curry, kebab, or chow mein involved somewhere.

This time it's off to the Dragon City, Plympton, where detaining two illegal Chinese workers was on the menu.

One of the men was found to have entered the UK illegally, the other had stayed here after his claim for asylum was refused.

After being taken to a Plymouth police station they were questioned, and then released on condition they report weekly whilst arrangements are made for their deportation.

Not specifically related to this case, but one wonders how many of these illegals who are detained and ordered to report weekly subsequently vanish. They seem to have no trouble at finding illegal work and at existing outside of the system/beneath the radar for long periods of time, one bets a significant number fall out of sight before deporation.

Heading on to the Nandon restaurant, Ivybridge, where a pair of Bangladeshi illegals were served up along with the pilau and poppadoms.

One of the men had overstayed his visa, the other had entered the UK illegally. After being taken to a police station both men were released and told to report weekly whilst awaiting removal from the country.

Four more illegal workers, all added to the ever growing list of illegals that seems massively centered on the restaurant/takeaway interest in the South West.

Perhaps it's time to do away with those miserable 'up to £10,000' fines for employers of illegals, they seem to not act as a deterrent. Maybe if the employers of illegals faced losing their businesses, or deportation themselves if they are not from Britain, it would be far more effective.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Benefits Aplenty in 165 Languages

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have revealed that translators covering a staggering 165 different languages are available for foreign benefits claimants in the UK.

The stunning number of languages for which translators are available should come as no shock given that everyone from the entire world over seems to make a beeline here and often land up in the benefits office for a nice taxpayer handout.

Despite not even speaking enough English to claim benefits without a translator, we're apparently expected to believe that these people will be of benefit to the economy and not a burden on the taxpayer.

How that works is anyones guess, at least unless there are a whole lot of companies out there in Britain who will only give jobs to Polish speakers or other foreign language users. Somehow that wouldn't shock.

In a 12 month period the DWP used translators an astounding 271,695 times - with Poles topping the bill and requiring 51,240 uses of a translator. Slovaks and Czechs are almost neck and neck for second spot, weighing in with 22,592 and 22,509 respectively.

Whereas, of course, we shouldn't be providing benefits for these foreign hordes to begin with, a logical first step would be to remove all taxpayer funded translation services. Want benefits? Learn English or pay for your own translator. Can't or won't do either? Home is that way, the only benefit you'll get out of the British taxpayer is a one way plane ticket.

It should not be our responsibility to provide benefits to the people of the entire world just because they fetch up here, and neither should we make it easier for them to claim by providing information and interviews to them in their own language.

With an era of austerity allegedly upon us then all cutbacks should begin with those services which are not of benefit to Britain - and how can anyone claim helping non English speakers to claim benefits, which are of course once more funded from the public purse, is in the interests of the British people?

Not A Trace of Honour

Is this Britain's first white honour killing victim reads the headline in the Daily Mail.

The story is that of Laura Wilson, murdered by vile enricher Ashtiaq Ishgar. Laura was stabbed repeatedly in the head before being thrown in a canal to die.

Take a look at the Mail link, in which Laura's mother Margaret Wilson gives an interview. It's worth a read even if they Mail has to avoid using the word Muslim, and insist that the majority are well integrated etc.

Just what on earth have we imported into our nation?

Honour killing though, what a wretched term.

It's rich in implication. Oh those poor minorities, their honour was offended. Excuse and justification? It sounds a lot less damning than brutal pyschopath, frenzied murderer, all the rest of the terms normally applied to killers.

After all, isn't honour something good at least in the sense the people of Britain would use the word? Honour conjures up ideas of chivalry, bravery, principles, doing the right thing.

Honour killing - and the whole oppressive system of so called honour as practiced by our enrichers - is a barbaric and medieval way of thinking which should not be in our country to begin with.

It is not honour at all, it's brutal and backwards tradition dressed up in a vile parody of honour, and one which is utterly incompatible with British norms and moralities.

Forget the honour it's dishonour, the horrendous practice of an alien people, and is abhorrent to all of us in the West. 'Enricher dishonour' or 'foreign barbarity' would be far more fitting terms, we should not even recognise it as remotely associated with honour.

Just calling it like it is. Far from importing honour we've imported a barbarous system based on hate and oppression. We'll not tame it, it won't go away just because they came here to live, the only way to get rid of it is to get them out.

It should have no place here. Whether or not Laura Wilson was Britain's first white victim to it, there should be no more victims. It, along with its practitioners, do not belong in Britain and never should have been made into Britain's problem.

All In This Together?

Austerity. Grinding poverty. Everything is being trimmed to the bone. Well, almost everything.

David Cameron, fond of spinning us a line that we're all in this together, has spent £1.8million of taxpayers money on a makeover of No 11 Downing street.

What he's in seems to smell a whole lot sweeter than what the rest of us are into up to our nexts.

How many pensioners faced with a nightmare of heat or eat would that money have benefitted?

Still, cutbacks for the rest of the population, plenty to spare for luxury and comforts for the Camerons.

Given the dismal results so far of Camerons tenure as prime minister we ought to give him something more appropriate to what he has delivered for Britain. A cardboard box and a space in a shop doorway maybe.

With all the failures, traitors, and trough hogging other MP's to keep him company at least they could huddle together to keep warm.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

An A-Z Atlas of Crime in the UK

A is for Abyssinia, B is for Belize, C is for Cambodia, D is for Djibouti, E is for Ethiopia.....and when it comes to sex offences, thefts, robbery, fraud, and other crimes in the UK all of them are represented.

Reading the recently released list of persons proceeded against by the Metropolitan Police is like looking at a list of every country on the planet, you'd need an atlas to have a chance of even knowing where some of these are.

Beginning with the number of arrests of foreign nationals, we can truly see the figures involved.

2009 saw 72,259. 2010 was particularly enriching with 81,552. For 2011 a drop back to 74,599 - perhaps we awarded many British status in the meantime.

That's a staggering 228,410 foreign nationals arrested in three years in just the Metropolitan Police area alone. Nearly quarter of a million arrests. What a wonderfully diverse and vibrant multicultural world of crime we now have!

Another freedom of information request shows us clearly how just about every nation on earth is represented in the foreign crimewave which blights Britain.

It covers a period from 1/09/2010 to 31/08/2011 and just certain categories of crime, a lot of offences would be missing. Also it's nationality based, not ethnicity or origin. Again, it's also just covering the Metropolitan Police area, not the entire UK.

Every country on earth must be there.

Poles, Somalians, Sri Lankans, Turks, Lithuanians, all showing a propensity for violence against the person.

Romanians and Lithuanians really standing out for their contribution to theft. They really stand out here - 2,341 Romanians, 1,123 Lithuanians proceeded against for theft/handling offences compared to 26,204 UK nationals. Compared to percentage of population those Romanians and Lithuanians really appear to be leading the race when it comes to stealing things.

Indians, Pakistanis, Nigerians, and Jamaicans well represented for sexual offences.

Nigerians and Romanians making fraud their own.

It's every nation on the planet, and a few that might well not be - from Abyssinia and Chad through Congo and Kazakhstan, via Spanish Sahara, Uzbekistan, Zambia and Zanzibar.

Allowing for a slight margin of error (since just using UK nationality instead of including those few who defined themselves as English/Scottish/Welsh etc) we have a total of 195,714 cases which were proceeded with, and 46,588 of those were against foreign nationals. Close on a quarter.

A full 23.8% of those proceeded against for these offences in the Metropolitan Police area from 1/09/2010 until 31/08/2011 were foreign nationals.

Glorious diversity truly in action - sex offences, fraud, theft and drugs imported to the multicultural UK. Crime in our nation committed by people of every other nation. This is the face of the new UK which has been shaped by mass immigration and open borders, as now revealed to us by the police themselves.

The crime and criminals of the world have now been made into our problem. Lucky us.

Ed Miliburgled

Police are investigating after an audacious break in at Ed Miliband's offices in the House of Commons.

According to reports, the door to the office was kicked in and the culprit ignored money and computers, instead opting to rifle through documents and force open drawers.

Just what could they have been looking for?

If it was for a policy worth stealing then they were definitely out of luck.

Nor could it be plans for the next election - a scribbled note of "hope ConDem keep on buggering it up so much everyone votes for us" hardly merits an electoral strategy worthy of robbing.

Perhaps it was someone concerned about mass immigration, looking to see if let 'em all in Labour had hidden our borders somewhere in the office.

Good job Ed was away from the Commons, he'd just have had to speak to the intruder to put them to sleep and the burglar would probably have had a strong human rights case citing cruel and inhuman punishment.

Sources say that Ed's advisers suspect that it is politically motivated. No arrests have yet been made, and the police investigation is continuing.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Should Have Put Up a Pakistani Flag Guys

An interesting little story from Freckleton in Lancs, where the owners of a chip shop have been ordered to remove their sign - namely the Union Flag because council chiefs have ruled it's "too gawdy".

Apparently, according to the council, it has too many angles, triangles, and colours. Flyde council busybodies ruled that it's out of character for the village.

Full Story - The Sun

They should put up a sign featuring a Pakistani flag, or some writing in Arabic, there's not a council in the land would object. Construct a nice bright green minaret or golden dome to go with it, no doubt there'd be no problems at all.

That's modern Britain all over for you.

Illegal Workers Arrested in Penzance

Three more immigration arrests in Cornwall as UKBA immigration officers raid the Curry Corner in Chapel Street, Penzance.

Acting on information received, officers checked the immigration status of the 4 members of staff found on the premises.

One was a Bangladeshi man who had entered the UK illegally, another two were Nepalese men who had remained here after their visas had expired.

One of the Nepalese men attempted to flee the premises, but was detrained by officers.

The three men found to be in the country illegally have been taken to an immigration detention centre pending their deportation from the country.

Fines of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker could be imposed on Curry Corner - but it seems as if that is little in the way of deterrent for many companies, so many appear willing to employ illegal foreign workers and deny jobs to those who have a legitimate right to be here.

Polish Lorry Driver Jailed for Drinking then Driving Wrong Way on Motorway

Another day, another of those wonderful foreign workers - the right kind of person as Damian Green might say - jailed in the UK.

This time it's Polish lorry driver Ireneusz Popialarz, who managed to drive the wrong way down the M20 near Ashford, Kent.

He performed a U Turn across all three lanes of the motorway - and when stopped by traffic police a was also found to be over the drink drive limit.

Appearing at Canterbury Crown Court, he plead guilty to dangerous driving and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Popialarz was handed an 18 month prison sentence and banned from driving for 3 years. He'll apparently also have to take an extended driving retest - so you can guess the rest, he'll still be here and most likely back on our roads in next to no time.

Just wonderful. We're so lucky that all the right people are here to benefit the UK. Heaven knows the mess we'd be in if we'd let the wrong people, or just anybody who fancied it, in.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Oh No, Racism Laws Bite Poor Muslim - What an Injustice!

It's rare, but sometimes even the Guardian can deliver a piece that shocks with its naivety, excuse making, and feeble arguments. Today it excels itself.

Azhar Ahmed is the latest victim of a concerted effort to redefine racism as "anything that could conceivably offend white people" - that's the opening line to an article that implies disgusting Ahmed, who said that all soldiers should die and are "lowlife fookin scum" is charged with treason. Much as he should have been it's acutally a racially aggravated public order offence so get it right.

Those nasty race laws, how horrid that they got used against a poor Muslim who made a nasty statement in which he didn't happen to actually refer to race. That's been happening to whites for years, and for far less offensive remarks, yet where was the Guardian opposition then? There was none, it wasn't on the agenda.

It was fine when race laws were solely used as a weapon to beat whitey into submission - as they mostly still are, and it flies by without a whiff of opposition in the liberal media - but now it's a problem when a poor minority gets bitten.

Anyone could have guessed at the time - and most did - that these racism laws would develop a life of their own. Draconian laws founded on vague opinion and abstracts such as offence to others always do.

The oppressive state loves a law that can be applied in almost any case to achieve the ends that it desires. Fear, confusion, and almost anything being able to become punishable are all excellent tools of oppression.

It was the liberals who were behind these laws, and they sat back clapping their hands as evil whites were outed for the heinous racists they had been decreed to be. Whites being forced to live in a state of fear lest they offend any other group was just fine and dandy.

Now you're reaping what you sowed, the monster you created has a life of its own, and still you don't see it.

You use idiotic phrases like redefining racism to mean anything that possibly offends white people - which would at least make a change from the widely accepted interpretation that racism is anything that white people can do which might possibly offend anyone else - but you miss the point utterly.

Either you're arguing for racism laws that only target whites and are not applied to those poor minorities, or you're admitting that the whole insanity of the racism laws was a terrible idea.

Which is it - Liberal failure in ushering in insane laws aimed at oppressing thought and speech, laws so vague and Draconian that they'd make any dictatorship blush, or liberal failure in failing to ensure that those laws only targeted the chosen victim of whites?

It's no good wringing your hands now Mr Liberal. You and your ilk made this, supported it all when it suited, and let horrendous injustices against whites pass without a mention.

In the name of liberalism and combating racism - which of course only whites could be guilty of - you ushered in dictatorship of thought and speech. Great work, stop whining now that your creation has started biting non-whites.

We could have all told you it was coming, but you'd just have called us racist whites scared of our racism being punished. Keep on defending your sacred cow of Islam, you're just as blind as can be. You lot made these laws, or at the very least supported them, don't cry when they're applied to one of your protected groups.

End the race laws, or live with them and be proud of your handiwork - or just admit it right out that you only want them when they are used exclusively against whites.

I'm A Somalian Sex Offender - Give Me Money, Let Me Stay : I Have Rights

A Somalian asylum seeker, jailed for a string of offences, has won the right to sue the government - even though he should never have been here to begin with.

Bashir Barrow turned up in the UK in 1995, and was rejected for asylum. Inexplicably, instead of a quick flight back to Somalia, he got given exceptional leave to remain, and indefinite leave to remain in 2002.

Setting the tone for the wonderful contribution he would make to Britain, not to mention the costs that he'd cause us, an immigration hearing involving him was once abandoned because he turned up drunk. Still, we let him stay.

Repaying Britain's generosity he then managed to get himself jailed for indecent assault and theft.

Vanishing ahead of deportation hearings upon his release from prison, he then managed to get jailed again - this time for a string of traffic offences.

A second attempt to deport him failed after EU judges ruled that deporting him would breach his human rights.

He was released from an immigration centre - and now has leave to sue us for the horrendous crime of keeping him there instead of releasing him as soon as it was ruled he could stay in the UK.

Just another chapter in Britain's immigration and human rights insanity, one among many. How lucky we are to be so enriched, and to have let so many great people fetch up on our shores.

Keep on voting Lib/Lab/Con, it guarantees us something to write about every day, and makes sure a fortune of your money goes into paying for every criminal and pervert of the world to stick two fingers up at you.

Or, recognise how much of a ride you are being taken for, and realise that for it to ever change we must change those at the top who created it. Your call, if you want to be a mug then go right ahead.